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About the Fellowship

There has been a rise of antisemitism and anti-Zionism in the UK. University students are at the forefront of navigating a hostile environment which is increasingly restrictive for Israel education and activism. StandWithUs equips Emerson Fellows with the tools necessary to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel misinformation at a grassroots level.


Our flagship programme, the UK Emerson Fellowship, provides a framework for like-minded university students who want to change the landscape within which Israel Education takes place. Students are trained to confidently identify, challenge and correct misinformation through a bespoke educational programme.


By working with key organisations such as CST and UKLFI, the Emerson Fellowship encourages students to take a stand against margenalisation and defend the rights of Jewish students on campuses.


Fellows receive access to a global network of prestigious Israel educators, exclusive leadership training and gain priority access to high profile influencers, politicians, pundits and experts in the field.


By the end of the Fellowship, a community of passionate educators and advocates will emerge, professionally responding to antisemitism and anti-Zionism in every sphere of student life.


Fellowship Highlights

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Induction and Graduation

The Israel in Focus Conference provides a three day retreat exclusive to UK Emerson Fellows before the start of the academic year. Fellows get to grips with creating successful events, security procedures, communication strategies and the foundations of Israel education. Upon completing the programme, Fellows celebrate their graduation at the House of Lords and connect with high profile MPs, Peers and guests to celebrate eachothers achievements and accomplishments over the past academic year in standing up for Israel on campus.


Professional Development Sessions

Six Professional Development Sessions throughout the academic year. Featured speakers have included senior politicians, pundits, activists and influencers including Natan Sharansky, Fleur Nahoom, Col. Richard Kemp, and many more. Intimate sessions provide opportunities for students to question experts in their chosen fields of Jewish history, Israels' geopolitical context and the nuences of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. Throughout the Fellowship students will be given over 30 hours of in-depth education.

L.A. International Conference

As part of the Fellowship, UK Emerson Fellows travel to Los Angeles to take part in the StandWithUs International Conference (IC). The IC gathers politicians, community leaders and student activists from across the StandWithUs International network, including those from Canada, North America, Brazil, Germany, Israel and more, for an intensive four-day conference. The conference inspires a diverse global network of hundreds of students and alumni with a passion for Israel education.


Leadership Working Groups

The Leadership Working Groups develops skills crucial to Fellows' roles as educators on campus. Tracks including diplomacy, public speaking, social media, or research and strategy with workshops designed to hone in on underdeveloped areas so that students emerge from the Fellowship well-rounded and adept at tackling antisemitism on their campus.

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Emerson Fellow Alumni

My Journey from BDS Activist to Israel Educator

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“StandWithUs has given me the confidence to speak out about Israel on campus and to not be afraid. If there is any hate on campus, StandWithUs is the first organisation I speak to. I know that they can help and give me the information that I need. I really enjoy being part of the StandWithUs family, knowing that if you need support there is always someone there.”

Yuval Ben-Arzi, University of Warwick 2020-2021

Educational Campaigns and Programmes

Peace Week UK

Following the success of our first ever Israel Peace Week campaign in 2017, Peace Week has become the most effective means in countering the misinformation of Israel Apartheid Week. The campaign aims to foster positive dialogue around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By building bridges between students and contributing to a reformation of campus culture, Peace Week creates an opportunity for students to engage in a positive, constructive discussion about Israel and the Middle East.


Peace Week has become a recognised, national campaign across UK universities making use of panel debates, speaker tours and delegations of Israeli students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In Peace Week 2021, Fellows were joined by representatives of Bahrain, the UAE, Israel and its’ Arab population along with social centres and even Chelsea Football Club to discuss the changing landscape for both the Jewish People and Jewish State.

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Educational Events

Through the connections provided by StandWithUs, Fellows are encouraged to invite expert-speakers to their campus, hailing from all corners of the world. Students are given the opportunity to, either in-person or digitally, build a personal connection with influential professionals. Speakers have included Col. Eyal Dror; Commander of Operation Good Neighbour, Ashager Araro; Founder of Bettae and Lyn Julius; Co-Founder of Harif, among others.

IHRA-Adoption Programme

Following a directive from the Government urging the adoption of the IHRA definition at all universities in the UK, StandWithUs UK has been training our students to understand the importance of this definition and the need for its adoption at learning institutions across the country. In doing this, Fellows have created a video to highlight the importance of the definition and have utilised a StandWithUs UK bespoke presentation for their university campus.


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